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November 27, 2001

TECORE Wireless Systems Purchases
AirNet Products -- AirNet Penetrates New Market Segment

Melbourne, FL, November 27, 2001 - AirNet® Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: ANCC), the technology leader in software defined base station products for wireless communications, today announced that TECORE Wireless Systems, a wireless communications and global systems integration company, has taken immediate delivery of approximately $1.5M of AirNet products which include the AdaptaCell Broadband, Software Defined base station and related wireless communications equipment. This order is the first step of a broader market penetration strategy for both AirNet and TECORE.

"AirNet's world-class solutions have enabled us to become successful in new markets that are different from our traditional markets," said Jay Salkini, president and CEO of TECORE. "Coupled with our world renowned AirCore switching system, we have found that AirNet's high capacity and cost effective base station solutions are the perfect fit for these markets."

TECORE's focus on networks under 100,000 subscribers has enabled it to become an industry leader in system integration around the world. TECORE's multi-function scalable solutions enable carrier-class, feature-rich communications capabilities that will be deployed as part of the solution for this new market.

"This order, which will be deployed with an end user outside of our traditional customer base, is a realization of our strategy announced during our third quarter conference call to penetrate new markets with our software-defined radio," said Glenn Ehley, president and CEO of AirNet.

The AirNet AdaptaCell is a broadband, software-defined solution that enables wireless operators to easily migrate to GPRS and EDGE using their existing AirNet base stations by simply upgrading software. Such upgrades can be performed remotely from a network control center, dramatically reducing the cost and time of deploying the solution. Moreover, the AirSite Backhaul Free Base Station provides an extremely cost-effective way to expand networks in secondary and low-density areas.


TECORE* is the world's most innovative developer of scalable high performance software-defined switching solutions for smaller wireless markets. The company's AirCoreŽ system supports the mobile switching center (MSC), visitor location register (VLR), home location register (HLR), authentication center (AuC) functionality and incorporates prepaid services and tandem switching capabilities in a single, extremely compact unit. The AirCore system is also the only switching solution offering simultaneous MSC functionality and cross-roaming between GSM, TDMA, and CDMA networks. Named one of the "20 Firms for the Next Generation," TECORE, Columbia, Md., is a global leader in converging wireless and IP networks and wireless enterprise systems solutions. TECORE's wireless switching solutions support GSM, CDMA, TDMA, GPRS, IP and next-generation technologies. For more information, please visit the TECORE website at

About AirNet

AirNet Communications Corporation is a leader in wireless base stations and other telecommunications equipment that allow service operators to cost effectively and simultaneously offer high-speed wireless Internet and voice services to mobile subscribers. AirNet's patented broadband, software-defined AdaptaCell base station solution provides a high capacity base station with a software upgrade path to the wireless Internet. The Company's AirSite Backhaul Free base station carries wireless voice and data signals back to the wireline network, eliminating the need for a physical backhaul link, thus reducing operating costs. AirNet has 69 patents issued or pending and has received the coveted World Award for Best Technical Innovation from the GSM Association, representing over 400 operators around the world. More information about AirNet may be obtained by calling 321.984.1990, or by visiting the AirNet Web site at

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