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December 13, 2005

Large Operator Extends AirNet's Adaptive Array Field Trial

MELBOURNE, Fla. -- AirNet Communications Corporation (NASDAQ:ANCC), the technology leader in software defined base station products for wireless communications, today announced that the ongoing field trial with an undisclosed, tier 1, large operator has been extended through January 30, 2006. Currently, AirNet's SuperCapacity(TM), adaptive array base stations are deployed in a dense urban, major metropolitan market. Since November, the large operator has been evaluating and testing the performance of AirNet's SuperCapacity base station. Interoperability testing and the first phase of performance testing have been completed.

"During the initial phase of testing, we have shown an improvement in the performance metrics when compared to non-adaptive, narrowband deployments. In the second phase, we are focused on further demonstrating compelling performance indicators in this very challenging, dense-urban, multi-path environment," said Thomas R. Schmutz, Vice President of Engineering for AirNet Communications. "Through the planning, deployment and performance test phases of this trial, AirNet has developed valuable intellectual property and expertise for optimizing broadband, SDR, adaptive array networks in dense-urban environments."

"We have been encouraged by the amount of effort and support put into this field trial by the large operator," said Sushil Gill, Vice President of Business Development & Large Operator Sales for AirNet Communications. The Company also announced that at the end of the second phase of testing, it expects the large operator, to finalize a report in the first quarter of 2006 with network deployment recommendations, if any. Since November 2005, AirNet has temporarily provided the base stations, common equipment and services for evaluation at no charge; and the large operator is paying for the costs of providing sites, ancillary equipment, and installation/test services.

Benefits of AirNet's SuperCapacity, Adaptive Array Technology

AirNet's SuperCapacity base station is the only viable solution for adaptive array technology available for GSM/GPRS/EDGE. It is the key enabler for high capacity voice and packet data services, which is fundamental to success for GSM operators worldwide. AirNet has the only proven GSM, broadband, adaptive array software-defined radio platform. The SuperCapacity base station has the capability of providing the following benefits:

  • Improvement of RF network quality through substantial C/I (carrier-to-interference ratio) gains,
  • Improved spectrum utilization and Erlang capacity for urban voice applications compared to traditional technology,
  • Reduced number of sites for both voice and data applications,
  • Extension of the GSM network's viability many years further, and
  • Improvement of GPRS and EDGE coverage and data rates.

About AirNet
AirNet Communications Corporation is a leader in wireless base stations and other telecommunications equipment that allow service operators to cost-effectively and simultaneously offer high-speed wireless data and voice services to mobile subscribers. AirNet's patented broadband, software-defined AdaptaCell® SuperCapacity™ adaptive array base station solution provides a high-capacity base station with a software upgrade path to high-speed data. The Company's RapidCell™ base station provides government communications users with up to 96 voice and data channels in a compact, rapidly deployable design capable of processing multiple GSM protocols simultaneously. The Company's AirSite® Backhaul Free™ base station carries wireless voice and data signals back to the wireline network, eliminating the need for a physical backhaul link, thus reducing operating costs. AirNet has 68 patents issued or filed and has received the coveted World Award for Best Radio Access Product in 2006 and for Best Technical Innovation in 1998 from the GSM Association, representing over 400 operators around the world. More information about AirNet may be obtained by visiting the AirNet Web site at

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