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August 16, 2002


SDR Technology Gaining Traction in Emerging Markets

Melbourne, FL, August 16, 2002 - AirNet Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: ANCC), the technology leader in broadband software defined radio base station solutions for wireless communications, today announced it has received purchase orders for approximately US$5M in products and services. These orders will help expand wireless coverage throughout 10 cities in an African GSM market. This GSM operator has also granted AirNet exclusive supply rights for any future base station sales.

These new orders will enable the customer to quickly expand coverage, capacity and other services for the initial phases of a planned nation-wide deployment. AirNet's scalable, rapidly deployable and cost effective products are becoming the preferred choice of many operators in emerging markets. The GSM equipment purchased consists of multiple AdaptaCell® broadband, software-defined base stations, AirSite® Backhaul Free™ base stations, associated BSS equipment, an additional Mobile Switching Center and services, all of which is planned for deployment in the second half of 2002.

"Operators in emerging markets have begun to see the flexible benefits of our patented SDR technology," said Glenn Ehley, president and CEO of AirNet. "These operators are selecting AirNet both for its ability to address high capacity and coverage applications in a cost-effective manner. Success in these markets and environmental conditions are crucial in building the credibility required to achieve sales with larger operators around the world."

Since its restructuring last September, AirNet has received approximately $28M in new purchase orders from multiple customers for deployment in the U.S., Asia, and Africa including approximately $10M in orders, which are presently being deployed in Afghanistan as part of reconstruction efforts.

About AirNet

AirNet Communications Corporation is a leader in wireless base stations and other telecommunications equipment that allow service operators to cost-effectively and simultaneously offer high-speed wireless Internet and voice services to mobile subscribers. AirNet's patented broadband, software-defined AdaptaCell® base station solution provides a high-capacity base station with a software upgrade path to the wireless Internet.  The Company's AirSite® Backhaul Free™ base station carries wireless voice and data signals back to the wireline network, eliminating the need for a physical backhaul link, thus reducing operating costs. AirNet has 70 patents issued or filed and has received the coveted World Award for Best Technical Innovation from the GSM Association, representing over 400 operators around the world. More information about AirNet may be obtained by calling 321.984.1990, or by visiting the AirNet Web site at

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