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June 4, 2004


Melbourne, FL, June 4, 2004 - AirNet Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: ANCC), the technology leader in broadband software defined base station products for wireless communications, announced today that it had received approximately $3M in new purchase orders. The purchase orders, primarily consisting of AirNet's AdaptaCell® 4000 base stations and AirSite® 3000 Backhaul Free™ base stations, will be resold by an OEM Reseller to an undisclosed large, North American operator with approximately 1.7 million subscribers serving rural and metropolitan service areas throughout the United States.

“Receiving our first North American large operator purchase order is a defining moment for AirNet,” said Glenn Ehley, president and chief executive officer for AirNet Communications. “For the last several months, the OEM and AirNet team have targeted penetration of this strategic account. Successful execution of our business plan depends on success in this market segment. These orders are a giant step in the right direction for AirNet.”

AirNet also announced that nearly 85% of the approximately 100 cell sites purchased were for AirSite Backhaul Free base stations. AirNet's compelling value proposition eliminates significant operating expense by dramatically reducing the need for T1 or microwave backhaul. AirNet achieves this “no-cost” backhaul through the use of its patented “in-band” wireless backhaul technology. In addition, the rapidly deployable AirSite base stations are "pole-mountable" further reducing costly real estate expenditures.

“Many rural markets and highways are under-served by mobile operators in North America because there has never been a cost-effective, reliable voice and high-speed data solution for them, until now,” said Bennet Wong, vice president of technical sales for AirNet Communications. “AirNet's high-speed data 2.5G solution can be quickly and efficiently deployed in rural and highway markets.”

The Company also announced that this sale was made through an OEM reseller and that further information regarding this transaction is expected to be announced by the OEM reseller at a later date.

About AirNet

AirNet Communications Corporation is a leader in wireless base stations and other telecommunications equipment that allow service operators to cost effectively and simultaneously offer high-speed data and voice services to mobile subscribers. AirNet's patented broadband, software-defined AdaptaCell® base station solution provides a high capacity base station with a software upgrade path to high-speed data. The Company's Digital AirSite® Backhaul FreeBackhaul Free base station carries wireless voice and data signals back to the wireline network, eliminating the need for a physical backhaul link, thus reducing operating costs. AirNet has 69 patents issued or pending. More information about AirNet may be obtained by visiting the AirNet Web site at

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