Super Capacity Solution

The best in wireless networks keeps getting better. AirNetís AdaptaCell® Super Capacity™ BTS offers service providers the most cost-effective path for expanding and improving the capacity of emerging wireless networks.

Highest capacity and adaptability: Featuring breakthrough advancements in high-speed wireless broadband delivery, the AdaptaCell Super Capacity™ BTS supports the enhanced radio performance levels required by 2.5G and 3G features, such as GPRS and EDGE.These enhancements will dramatically reduce the need for new sites by providing higher base station capacity and eliminating the cell shrinkage that high-speed data causes when implemented with conventional products.

Software-defined performance: Like its parent product, the AirNet® AdaptaCell BTS, the service capabilities of the AdaptaCell Super Capacity™ BTS are defined through its software. This ensures that service changes and upgrades can be made easily and that emerging super-capacity mobile voice and data services can be introduced faster and far more cost-effectively than with any hardware-based solutions that require new base stations and towers.

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AdaptaCell® Super Capacity™
BTS Benefits:
    • Supports Quad-Bands (850, 900, 1800, 1900)
    • Provides high-speed data delivery over the entire service area

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