Operations & Maintenance Center - Radio

Easy, logical management of todayís sophisticated high-speed wireless networks. Controlling the costs associated with managing sophisticated, large-scale wireless networks is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge and effecting a successful growth strategy. AirNetís intuitive, graphical user interface OMC-R is designed specifically to provide these high levels of network control at significantly lower costs.

Graphical interface: The AirNet® OMC-R utilizes logic-based, Graphical User Interface (GUI) displays to deliver network information in an easy-to-understand format. No matter how widespread or sophisticated a service providerís wireless network becomes, all it takes is the ability to use a mouse to point and click to navigate the menu for operation and control of the OMC-R -- all from a single workstation.

Automatic information gathering: The OMC-R permits the automated gathering and analysis of comprehensive alarm status and histories. The intuitive GUI interfaces also provide easy-to-use network element configuration menus, diagnostics, measurement logging, and recovery capabilities.

Single point of control: Further enhancing its cost-savings potential is the fact that a single AirNet OMC-R has the power to handle multiple networks in geographically diverse areas from any location that has a telephone line.

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OMC-R Capabilities:
  • Configuration management

  • Event management

  • Fault management

  • Security management

  • Measurement management

  • Multiple radio network management

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