GPRS Solution

The easiest, most cost-effective way to deliver GPRS/EDGE services. AirNetís software upgrade GPRS/EDGE solution ensures that your first step toward 3G wireless broadband services is the right one. It allows service providers of all sizes to make the most of revenue opportunities today while protecting hardware investments tomorrow.

Deliver a full range of enhanced services today: The additional speed offered by AirNet -- up to 470 kbps -- allows operators to maximize system capacity and cost-effectively provide a full range of new, enhanced services such as mobile commerce, wireless multimedia, entertainment, enhanced emergency communications, wireless Internet messaging and many others. It also ensures that delivery systems are compatible with all GPRS or EDGE handsets and terminals while providing the full data speed required by emerging high-speed devices and applications.  

Deliver GPRS/EDGE as easily as GSM Voice: With AirNetís solution, service providers wonít have to choose between profitable GSM services or GPRS/EDGE services. AirNet can support both services simultaneously with the same radio carrier. And, because our GPRS/EDGE solution is based on AirNetís field-proven broadband, software-defined platform, service providers can easily migrate to GPRS/EDGE using their current AdaptaCell® base stations and AirSite® Backhaul Free™ base stations by simply upgrading software.  

Future-proof evolution to 3G: Introducing GPRS/EDGE to an existing GSM network is simple. By adding the PCU (Packet Control Unit) hardware to the AirNet BSC, or by adding AirNet's iBSS™ Embedded PCU software to the base station for a direct Gb interface, the service provider is ready to connect the BSS to the packet backbone network (SGSN/GGSN) and the rest is only a software upgrade. Service providers do not have to make any changes to the network structure, or invest in new licenses. The GPRS/EDGE network deployment is the key for future evolution of a GSM network to 3G networks.

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solution delivers many performance advancements including:

  • Data speeds up to 473.6 kbps (theoretical).

  • Support for all coding schemes from CS1 through CS4 (GPRS) and MCS-1 through MCS-9 (EDGE)

    Automatic coding scheme adaptation

  • Supports high-speed data and voice with the same radio carriers

  • Simultaneous support of both GSM and GPRS/EDGE

  • Full compatibility with all GPRS and EDGE handset devices

  • Lower implementation costs

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