AirSite Backhaul Free base Station

An integrated, backhaul-free base station solution that delivers the power of a macrocell -- in a microcell size. AirNet's AirSite backhaul free base station eliminates the costly backhaul barrier to service expansion. When used in conjunction with AirNet's AdaptaCell® BTS, the AirSite base station eliminates the need for expensive T1/E1 lines or microwave links by utilizing the existing spectrum to carry traffic.

Increase service delivery while decreasing initial and recurring costs: The AirSite base station delivers up to a 12:1 savings-to-service delivery ratio. With its integrated, in-band radio, a single AdaptaCell Base Transceiver Station (BTS) supports up to 12 full-power AirSite base stations with a single T1/E1 line eliminating the monthly cost of 11 additional T1/E1 lines.

Eliminate service delivery barriers: AirSite base stations deliver the same coverage characteristics as a conventional cell, but at a fraction of the cost. The base station includes everything required to deliver superior services, including a full-power, 40-Watt transceiver with Automatic Power Control. Also, each base station has its own unique cell ID facilitating E911 compliance and zone billing.

A seamless path to the wireless Internet: When networked with the AirNet AdaptaCell BTS, operators are able to introduce high-speed voice and data system footprints without adding expensive, new hardware. With the AirNet solution you can migrate from today's GSM to high-speed data for the wireless Internet standards supporting wireless Internet applications which is accomplished via well-defined software modules.

Flexible deployment: Service providers can place AirSite base stations in locations that will maximize their network's coverage in suburban and other low-density locations, and can easily relocate them as their network footprint changes.

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AirSite Backhaul Free Base Station

AirSite® Base Station Benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for costly T1/E1 lines

  • Economical coverage for each site

  • Compact size permits easy deployment in any location

  • Remote configuration

  • Ideal for difficult-to-deploy terrain

  • Receive diversity

  • Supports omni or sectored antenna configuration

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