AdaptaCell® BTS-4000RM

The AdaptaCell BTS-4000RM opens up many new connectivity options for GSM operators. Small, rugged and compact, the BTS-4000RM eliminates many of the costly and cumbersome equipment and installation challenges associated with traditional systems. A wide variety of connectivity and vocoding options are delivered for maximum flexibility, including a SIP-enabled interface for connectivity to VoIP networks.

With software upgradeability and cost-effective coverage and capacity for GSM, GPRS and EDGE, the BTS-4000RM offers maximum return on investment. The unique compact, rack-mounted base station architecture is designed for service providers of all sizes and scales to support a variety of applications. Low capacity, high coverage networks; macro capacity networks required for today's hightraffic voice services, and high-speed data applications can all be equally supported by the BTS- 4000RM.

Rapid Migration to Next Generation Networks

Each AdaptaCell BTS-4000RM can support IP and TDM system interfaces, so no matter what the network infrastructure, the BTS-4000RM is connected. The BTS-4000RM can operate as a traditional GSM Radio Access Node, or as part of an all IP, SIP-enabled network.

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AdaptaCell® BTS-4000RM Benefits:
  • Broadband, software-defined radio architecture
  • Occupies as little as 5U of a standard 19” telecommunications rack
  • Supports iBSS™ software, embedding traditional RAN elements into a single integrated package
  • Software upgradeable to GPRS and EDGE
  • Supports Backhaul Free™ coverage-expansion with the AirSite® BTS
  • Provides SIP signaling interfaces for IP networks
  • Digital filtering, channelization and combining reduce signal loss for high RF performance
  • Reduces costs today and lays the foundation for future expansion and migration

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